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From the Patients of Ajay R. Patel, DDS, ABOMS

I am recovering nicely from my oral surgery. Many thanks for taking my special health needs into consideration, for your post-surgery follow-up call, and for the way your staff made me feel quite welcome and comfortable.  We will always recommend you.

Gratefully yours,

Shirley B.”


“Thank you so much for making the experience of getting a tooth removed more endurable.  Your whole office was great; the staff was efficient and yet congenial and friendly.  Linda, you were so helpful.  Thank you so much for fitting my appointment in and making it all in one day.  Thank you also for making the payment options so clear.  Your friendliness and smile were so refreshing.  Your people skills are great, in the office and on the phone.  Thank you Theresa for your assistance in the extraction.  I loved your comment about the Mariposa Pizza Factory.  It came at the perfect time to distract me from thinking about what was going on in my mouth!  Dr. Patel, I would definitely recommend your office to my family and friends.  I loved how you were fast and yet not sloppy or careless.  You knew what you were doing and you did it well!  Thanks to everyone’s participation, the experience was less traumatic.”

Hannah G.”


“Dr. Patel and his staff are great!  He and his office staff were excellent in dealing with my 5 year old.  [Dr. Patel] played with my son to keep him entertained and his staff made sure that before we left, we had the complete information of what to expect next.  Later that evening, he personally called us to see how my son was doing.  I would highly recommend him!

Seema A.”



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